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Corso Propedeutico 2017
Corso Propedeutico 2017
Corso Propedeutico della Nico Pepe, ed. 2017. Corso Propedeutico della Nico Pepe, ed....
International Theatre Workshop of Commedia dell'Arte 19th - 24th June 2017.
International Theatre Workshop of Commedia dell'Arte 19th - 24th June 2017.
Stiamo pensando di organizzare tra il 19 e il 24 giugno 2017 il nostro International Theatre...
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Who we are

The “Nico Pepe” Civic Academy is the only public institution in North Eastern Italy that offers training in drama. It is partly funded by the City Council of Udine, sponsored by the Provincia di Udine and recognized as “cultural institution of regional interest“ by the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The increasing prestige of the “Nico Pepe” is confirmed by joint projects with the Teatro Nuovo “Giovanni da Udine” Foundation, the School of Education of the University of Udine and the Centro Teatro Ateneo of Sapienza University of Rome.

Our students come from all over Italy, from Slovenia, Croatia and recently Germany, Norway and Finland.



For a few years now, the “Nico Pepe” has been reinforcing and extending its work on languages and on theatre languages by introducing German, Spanish and French speaking authors, besides continuing the drama section in friulano language. We believe this is a winning bet and a choice of high cultural level, particularly in the new enlarged European Union.

The opportunity to explore different languages is one of the distinctive features of this Academy. We believe it is an important occasion of cultural growth and a valid training for tomorrow's actor, who must be creative, versatile and cultured. Students also have the opportunity to become acquainted with the culture of the territory that hosts them, in connection with all theoretical and practical disciplines.


Teaching method

For an actor, developing the creative process is the starting point to recognize and become conscious of his/her potential.

Our goal is to produce a versatile, sensitive actor, always ready to take a chance, antidogmatic, always willing to work on him/herself to improve his/her ability to communicate.

For this, there cannot be “one” technique, there is not only one way. This is the reason why at the “Nico Pepe” our working method is open and adjusted every time to the diverse needs of the learning subjects, i.e. our student actors, who, from year to year, form an ever changing human complex (texture, tissue). Teaching is not reduced to a prefixed list of contents but pursues a continual self-renewal, vital for the acting profession.

During the three year programme, first a specific teaching path is identifies for each class and each student. Then productions are carried out under the guide of directors and teachers who make practicable the particular teaching path designed.

There are many ways, but just one goal: being one, the mind-body, the actor's life on the stage. A gift that is renewed after a long work.

Following new paths, but also taking significant returns in is the challenge of this School, which seeks the thin link between possible and real Theatres.



A significant space is given to international guests, who offer students research suggestions capable of composing an outline of the most stimulating trends in the European scene. The Academy, directed by Claudio de Maglio, is by now a well known and appreciated reality, thanks to its high level teaching that offers students collaborations with prestigious teachers and guests, both Italian and foreign.

The permanent faculty of the “Nico Pepe” is composed of: Claudio de Maglio, Marta Bevilacqua, Valter Colle, Giuseppe Paolo Cecere, Lorenzo Mucci, Carlo Tolazzi, Huang Shao Song, Monica Vendruscolo, Marco Toller, Paola Bonesi, Gianni Cianchi, Gabriele Mancini, Elke Burul.

During the last two years the following guests have had year long collaborations: Arturo Cirillo, Marco Sgrosso, Elena Bucci, Paola Bigatto, Carlo Boso, Sheela Raj, Friedrick Glorian, François Kahn, Pierre Byland,, Massimiliano Speziani, Maurizio Schmidt, Andrea Collavino, Roberto Canziani, Maril Van den Broek, Stefano Perocco di Meduna, Gian Paolo Gri, Julie Stanzak, Giovanni Battista Storti, Roberto Cocconi, Luciano Colavero, Andrea De Luca, Massimo Somaglino, Denny Fiorino, Alex Cendron, Marco Maccieri.

Other guests include: Carolyn Carlson, Anatolij Vassiliev, Dario Fo,  Massimo Navone Jurij Alschitz, Jean Paul Denizon, Giuliano Scabia, Michele Abbondanza e Antonella Bertoni, Giuseppe Battiston, Luca Vendruscolo, Frigyes Funtek e Monet Robier, Marcello Bartoli, Tapa Sudana, Massimo Gerardi, Marco Manchisi, Kalamandalam Karunakaran e Nina Soufi.



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