Stiamo raccogliendo le adesioni da Accademie e Scuole di Teatro da tutto il mondo inserite nel circuito "ITI Unesco-Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts" per il festival SAFest 2023 che si svolgerà dal 12 al 15 luglio 2023.

SAFest FESTIVAL: 12-15 JULY 2023 (An international Festival of Theatre Schools lasting five days) whose topic theme is "Aria di Teatro" (the four elements Air)
First of all we want to share the spirit of our festival in order to verify and possibly receive your sign of immediate interest. The participation of each school includes a class of students (the maximum number 10) and one or two accompanying teachers. 

a) For the moment we just ask you a declaration of your interest. We are planning that each university' or theatrical' academy group will bring a short essay of its own work/composition, duration 30 minutes.

b) Each accompanying teacher will have the possibility of a brief presentation of the work that may take place before the Performance or in another moment, as during the round table or in a specific interview open to the public.
c) In some cases it will be possible to evaluate the proposal of a class from one of the hosted academies to carry out one or more practical lessons or masterclasses (duration 60 minutes) with the students of the other schools participating at the festival

d) In addition all students during the five days of the festival are called to frequent Classes and collaborate to the collective creation that will be performed as the great festival final performance.
e) We kindly ask the theatre academies and universities a general declaration of interest which will serve to move what is necessary to make the initiative possible and to receive further informations.
f) Each university/academy will provide to travel expenses (flights) while the hospitality is granted from the Nico Pepe Academy who leads the initiative of the festival 

For Theatre Universities / Academies


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