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The three-year course offers professional training that aims to fully prepare students for a career in acting-related activities. We want our students to be curious, creative, ready to listen, to explore their surroundings, determined and refined, discovering their physical and emotional intelligence, cultured, flexible and receptive, and generous towards the learning process offered in the teaching itinerary, as they will be in later life in the profession towards the public, other actors and the action process on stage.

The programme includes teaching and the development of individual skills in areas such as voice, movement and acting. In particular, the leading subjects of the three course years are as follows:

First year

Deconstruction. The first year’s work is heavily based on training: “rediscovering” the body, your own voice and awareness of your own tools of expression.
Work on group dynamics and on the fundamental basis of an actor’s work. Feed your imagination.

Second year

The second year develops techniques of expression. Construction of and relationship with the character. Emotional and physical impulses. Commedia dell’arte. An introduction to text analysis. Character composition.

Third year

Text analysis, character progression throughout the drama. Physical action. Autonomy of the actor in the composition.

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Admission Notice for the Three-Year Course for Students Actors a.a. 2019/20

From this section you can download the registration form for the 2019/20 Academic Year of the three-year course for students. The course is open to young people who at the enrollment deadline are between 18 and 27 years old (any exceptions to age limits will be assessed by the Management). The qualification required is the high school diploma.


Premio Nazionale Giovani Realtà del Teatro, 12a ed. 2019



With the NATIONAL YOUTH REALITY OF THEATER project, the Civic Academy of Dramatic Art "Nico Pepe" intends to create opportunities for promotion and insertion in the world of theatrical activity for young companies, actors, directors, playwrights, in the awareness of the difficulties they encounter for being able to express one's creativity and to carve out spaces in the professional world.

Link to the Call and to the form> CALL-FOR-APPLICATIONS-Premio-Nazionale-Giovani-Realtà-del-Teatro-2019-XII-ed-_EN.pdf